For Developers, the Ham.Live APIs

For Developers, the Ham.Live APIs

For the most current view of available endpoints, go to (output below):

In the above, ":id" is either the unique net id or the unique user id (depending on the endpoint)

If you need the required JSON properties for POST/PATCH send me a support ticket.

Data APIs (JSON):

Admin (NCS/Logger) Interactions (JSON):{NET ID} (GET) - Return command list{NET ID} ( POST  { "cmdLine": "<command and args>" }  )  - Execute command

User (station) Interactions (sig reports, hand raise/lower, row highlighting, etc)

   "action": handState|sigReport|alterCheckState|highlightState
   "actionParams": (implementation-specific args for interaction)
   "dstStation": (target station) 

100% of the webapp ueses the APIs directly, via publicly available client-side JavaScript, so the API can be reasoned by looking at the source until this documentation is complete. 
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