How do I change my email address?

How do I change my email address?

Unfortunately email address changes are more of a 'lengthly' process than I'd like. This is actually for security reasons. Once a callsign is registered, no one else can enroll with the same callsign. To "free up" the callsign (in order to bind it to another email address), your account needs to be flagged for deletion. Following account deletion a new account can be registered with said callsign. Please be sure to follow the specific workflow below:

  1. If you *don't "own" any nets, skip to step 3
  2. Make sure there are owners for your nets (other than you). If you are the *sole "owner" for a net, the net will be deleted along with your account. This is less than ideal, as the list of "followers to email" will also be removed. Ideally you want to maintain your follower list, so recreating the net with the new account isn't recommended. Instead assign an additional owner for your exisiting net(s), if one doesn't exist.
  3. Click on "Settings" (in top menu bar)
  4. Click "Your Privacy" drop-down
  5. Click "Data Privacy Options"
  6. Click "Delete My Account" -- Your account will be flagged for deletion and will actually be deleted during nightly processing at ~12:10AM Pacific time (daily)
  7. After 12:10AM Pacific Time, register to Ham.Live with your new/preferred email account 
  8. *If you "owned" nets previously, request that the existing net owners assign ownership to your *new account (they will need your new email address to make you an owner)
  9. Be sure to "follow" any nets you followed previously, so you will receive an email announcement when those nets go live.
I'd like to streamline this entire process in the future, time permitting

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