How can I find out what nets are available ?

How can I find out what nets are available ?

"Live" / running nets are listed on the main Ham.Live homepage, just under the lobby. At the time of this writing there are 2 nets starting soon. If you don't see your favorite net listed, please contact your Net Control Operator and ask them to try Ham.Live.

If you are interested in seeing some of the more popular weekly nets "in action", you can receive an email notification when they start. Simply click on the link associated with the net below and be sure to click on the purple star by the net name. Now you are a "follower" of that net and will be notified when it starts:

In no particular order:
HF Net: Ham Radio Crash Course HF Net
Digital Net: Weld County "Disco Digital Net"
Repeater / Echolink: South Coast Reflector Net
Repeater / Echolink: BBARC Thursday Night Net

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